How to Create and Nurture a Wellness Culture

Let us imagine for a second that wellness culture is a living entity that we can culture in a lab or plant that we can plant its seed in a field. Then we must nurse it or provide and maintain the conditions for it to grow and keep living.

This article will discuss how to create a wellness culture in one part and on the other part how to maintain wellness culture just like how to plant a tree and make a plant survive.

Creating a Wellness Culture

Identify the most important problem that can potentially undermine your wellness and take the bold step to fix it: This is like knowing which crop you want to plant and then actually getting the seed and you sow it.

Maybe you need to buy into a meditation program to clear your mind from emotional trauma or de-stress, or paying for a gym ticket to start your journey to build your strength or muscles.

Other concerns might be you need a massage to relax well, need to make new friends, or you might need to see a doctor for a general check-up. Notice that you need to make commitments or some form of investment to start.

At this stage, you know you have to overcome the hurdles of excuses or conditions that would have discouraged you from starting. Set core beliefs or ground rules that should guide you through the course you have chosen.

How to Maintain the Wellness Culture

So, you have started a program that you have determined will help you achieve your wellness goals, or you intend to begin one now. How do you ensure that the efforts you have invested in so far will last? What should keep you motivated to keep going?

Promise yourself that you will be motivated to do the actions for a longer-term

As you may know, the biggest challenge in maintaining the good gains you might have set your mind to make is a deviation from the plan. A lot of limiting factors stand in the way. These can be in various forms that you must overcome; tiredness, pain, and sometimes you stopping after small successes.

As long as you have set to do the actions for a relatively long timeframe, you would have a higher chance of turning your gains into habitual wellness culture that will last a lifetime.

Remind yourself of the Self-love mentality

If you convince yourself that you love yourself and you do, you’ll find that you’d always strive to complete processes that will fulfill your goals and benefit you or avoid what you ought to avoid.

Having a love for yourself will breed self-respect and trust in your ability to keep ridding your mind of negative energies that will stand in the way of you reaching your set goal. Just like you have to remove weeds from your crops to let them grow, you know how to remove the limiting factors against your wellness now.


As discussed in this article on creating and nurturing a wellness culture, you might have noticed that the place of affirmation and personal determination are important factors. You may be motivated to work well in a team to help you maintain your wellness culture too.

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