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In addition to creating our own stories and media through platforms like WordStrike, we’re thrilled to have our work amplified in mainstream and community media. Check out some of our hits below!

On “Until We Are All Free” (2015)

KPFA: Up Front with Guest Host Marie Choi (mention and segment starts at 33 minutes)

Uprising With Sonali: “Until We Are All Free: Imagining A World Free of Bars and Borders”

KPFA 94.1-FM Berkeley: “Demonstrators, Artists Descend on Oakland Detention Center”

China Press: 东湾民众集会抗议歧视移民和有色人种

On “Visions From The Inside” (2015)

BuzzFeed News: “Powerful Instagram Project Spotlights The Hidden Struggles of Mothers in Immigrant Detention”

East Bay Express: “Visions of Liberty”

Feministing: “Visions From The Inside Art Series Looks at Women in Detention”

Hyperallergic: “Picturing the Words of Migrants Detgained in the US”

Latino Rebels: “Visions From The Inside: Art Inspired by Letters Written by Detained Migrants”

Remezcla: “‘Visions From The Inside’ Taps 15 Artists To Illustrate The Letters of Detained Migrants”

Mic: “This Is What Life Looks Like For Immigrants In America’s Detention Centers”

International Detention Coalition: “‘Visions from the Inside’ Illustrates the Courageous Stories of Detained Migrants in the US”

Huffington Post: “Artists Transform Heartbreaking Letters From Detained Migrants Into Gripping Works of Art”

El Diario: “Proyecto de arte captura angustia e impotencia de mujeres en centros de detención”

Truth-Out: “Visions From The Inside: Detained Immigrant Women Speak Out In Letters and Pictures”

Latina: “Artists Depict The Experiences of Detained Immigrants in Hauntingly Beautiful Works of Art”

Latina: “15 Images That Ilustrate What Life In Detention Centers Is Really Like”

Lacey & Larkin: “In Their Words: Moms and Kids Speak From Immigration Detention”

Colorlines: “‘Visions From The Inside’ Turns Letters From Detained Immigrants Into Transformative Art”

Free Speech Radio News: “Artists Creat ‘Visions from the Inside’ Through Letters From Families in ICE Detention”

Feminist Magazine: Detained Immigrant Women (radio show/podcast)

CMW25: “Visions From The Inside: Stories of Detained Migrant Children and Families”

End Child Detention: “Se Olvida que los Centros de Detención son Prisiones”

Media coverage of CultureStrike:

US News & World Report: “Migrant Art Takes on Political Meaning”

Colorlines: Undocumented Youth Tell Their Own Stories in New Book

Huffington Post: Favianna Rodriguez, Stanford University Visiting Artist, Teaches Immigrant Rights Printmaking Class

Huffington Post’s Voto Latino project profiles CultureStrike coordinator Favianna Rodriguez

Art and activism: University art professor writes about experience with protest design (featuring Colette Gaiter)

Artists of the 99%: Jeff Chang and Favianna Rodriguez

TQ&A: Tucson Weekly on Logan Phillips

CultureStrike brings national artists to Tucson

30 Minutes: CultureStrike podcasts

W. Kamau Bell Goes South of the “Border” with Laughter Against the Machine

CultureStrike Festival featured as Tucson Weekly Staff Pick

Media Advisory: CultureStrike Coalition Kicks off Nationwide Campaign

On “Migration is Beautiful”:

You the Designer: Favianna Rodriguez: Migration is Beautiful Artist & Activist Favianna Rodriguez Talks Immigration, Rosario Dawson and Her New Web Series Episode

CNN: “Art that calls the fiscal cliff’s bluff” by Artstrike and Van Jones

Coverage of Artist Projects

Featured in the Washington Post

And more at Arts in a Changing America