How to Become a Wellness Coach

So, you are passionate about helping patients to attain a better state of health. And you think you have what it takes to coach patients to have a better state of health and healthy wellness culture. Whether you are considering becoming a wellness coach or you have made up your mind already, you need some tools and the knowledge to go about it.

Read on to learn how to take the decisive steps to begin a journey of being a wellness coach.

Take a Wellness Coaching Training Course

Wellness Coaching Courses are designed to train the prospective expert coach to have the required skills to provide coaching service to patients. The course required to prepare you to become a wellness coach can be learned from a University, a Polytechnic, or through online portals like Udemy and Coursera.

You can use the training objectives as seen in the course prospectus of Georgetown University’s School of Continuous Studies are as follows:

  • Study of the key concepts of Wellness Oriented Coaching
  • The Psychology of Behaviour Change
  • Fundamentals of the most common Health Challenges/Diseases

These should give you an idea of what the training covers.

As in many endeavors, you have the choice to specialize in specific wellness coaching aspects or you can choose a broader academic content that will provide more opportunities for work.

If you chose an online platform, you might have had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals, and next you should decide to have a certification.

Get a Certification to Qualify you to Practice

A certification in wellness serves as proof that you know what you’re doing. Having a certification will give you something to show to your future employers to consider you for employment.

Whether you’re considering the option of volunteering as a wellness coach or work privately, you will need certifications. If you’re considering starting a business around managing your wellness coaching services yourself, a posted academic achievement can create trust.

Patients that will need your service may need assurance that they’re talking to an actual professional that others trust too. And the training should help you

  • Make people change by encouraging mindfulness with motivational skills.
  • Know how to interview clients and help them to maintain optimal health after recovering from a poor health state.
  • Know how to carry out health coaching sessions for individuals or groups
  • Know how to manage personal relationships and have some knowledge of business management.

Preparing for certification can serve as a way to make you think about what to expect on the job as it makes you fully ready to start the job too.

Start Your Dream Job as a Wellness Coach

Knowing about the job and doing the job can be different worlds of experience. You can imagine that you will feel some pressure when you begin. Thankfully, you’re not working as a doctor in an internship where things are more complicated.

Just as intern surgeons need to grow in confidence before they can perform more difficult surgeries on their own, you should allow yourself to grow in greater experience on the job.

Building a portfolio of work experience with a bigger organization can help you soar in confidence if you decide to switch to run your service. Another good way to prepare for a real-world job is to read plenty of case studies in course materials.


In summary, if you want to know how to become a wellness coach, it means you love people and you genuinely want to help them promote their health. Then, you have to have the skills to help you become a good coach.

Get the proof to show doubters that you have the skills and then start helping people to be healthier by working in a job for another organization or in a business that you own.

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