UndocuNation Atlanta

During the art exhibit and music showcase, local and national performing acts, as well as local organizations, came together to celebrate the ways in which migrants continue to shape this country’s cultural and political landscape.

It was an important night to recognize the work that both artists and organizers have done to call attention to issues directly affecting undocumented and documented immigrants in the U.S. It is also important to highlight that the performers and audience reflected the face of migration and that this is not an issue that only affects undocumented Latinos.


An all-star band made up of Ozomatli’s Raul Pacheco, Ceci Basida (formerly with Tijuana No) and DeVotchKa’s Shawn King
Local Atlanta acts Nino Augustine and The OPE Band, Ricky Simone, Beto Cacao, Kavi Vu, The Kingsmen and DJ Venez
Event was mc’d by nationally known undocumented activists and artists Sonia Guinansaca and Soultree
Pro-migrant organizations like Freedom University, Southerners On New Ground, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Georgia Detention Watch and more

Stepping Up Cultural Strategy: How Can Racial Justice Rise Above the Noise? (Workshop at Facing Race conference)

Most of us carry more media creation tools in our pockets than any other generation before us. But in the flood of digital information we are bombarded with each day, how we create stories that stands out and gets heard? How do we create powerful works of art and culture that can reach new audiences, ignite the public imagination and shift the debate?

Through a hands-on exercise, we’ll create something to demonstrate what we’ve learned. Join CultureStrike staff members Julio Salgado and Will Coley for this panel as part of the 2014 Facing Race conference. 

About Facing RaceFacing Race: A National Conference is presented by Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation. A unique collaborative space for racial justice movement making, Facing Race is the largest multiracial, inter-generational gathering for organizers, educators, creatives and other leaders.  

Facing Race 2014 will be held in Dallas, Texas on November 13-15, 2014. In addition to highlighting a Southern perspective for Facing Race attendees, the 2014 conference will offer the local community unprecedented access to information and resources on racial equity. Previous Facing Race National Conferences have been held in Baltimore, Berkeley, Chicago, Oakland and New York.